Career Q&A—-My Friend Roro


My friend Roro, majoring in marketing, but her creative thinking and admiration of PR paved her path to fashion PR in an unexpected way. Today fresh fighter wanna show you her fresh insight. You are lucky enough to catch up with this lovely and smart girl for a chat!


Position/company: ICB, Sales and Design team intern


Help out sales manager for market appointments, including dress up models with appropriate and chic outfit

Provide supports including weekly report, recap, and trend research

Worked with design team on strategies

 What were your responsibilities?

I work closely with sales manger, it gives a clearly message about what a sales manager is doing everyday. It is important to communicate with her, to know what she needs from me.

 Favorite part of your job

ICB is not a big company compares with its competitor. However, I am lucky that I met a very good manager who gives me a lot of opportunities to try different things through my internship. I have participated for company events, design process, market meeting and more. My manager always asks my opinions, which makes me I am a part of the company not just an intern. And I can meet some famous buyers and designers who I only saw them on magazines. 

Least favorite part of your job

To be honest, it is very hard to work in fashion industry,because anything could happen in next minute. During the market week, even buyers scheduled their appointments with us, however the market appointment is never on time. Some buyers won’t come without any prior notification and some buyers will leave in the middle the appointment. Sometimes, you will be asked to do something randomly and unprepared. You will feel very hard at the beginning, but you will get used to it.

 Biggest lesson learned to date in your internship

Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions and don’t be afraid if you did something wrong. If you are not sure about something, you should ask, especially when you are new to somewhere in fashion industry. If you are not sure about something your manager asks you to do and you are going to do solo, you probably will mess it up. And, if you’ve did something wrong, just make sure you won’t do it again, because fashion people usually don’t have too much patience lol.

Any other advice you have on breaking into PR?
Additional tip or personal advice is to try as much as you can when you are young. Experience is very important to fashion and PR industry. The more you experienced, the more you will know and the more confident you will be.
It is important to show your personality, however, it doesn’t mean you should treat people not well. You will never know what they could bring to you in the future.

What do you think is the best way to advance into a permanent position AFTER the volunteer/intern job at a fashion PR company? Do you just trust that your hard work will be recognized and your bosses will advance you, or are there special something that every fashion PR company is looking for?
You definitely will get pay back for your hard working, but it also is important to catch the right spot. You should have an alert mind and you should know what they want. Do the right thing at the right time and in a right place!

How can my reader follow you? Eg: Twitter:
Instagram, I love to post pictures about what I see, what I love and what I think is beautiful. And I am more than happy to share them with you.
My insta account is roro_xyr



(cont.) To Move People, Meet Them Where They Are


My lovely reader Vera asked me to share another example about how a company failed to meet this principle, so today’s post come out!

Unfortunately, Mr. Zuckerberg, you “win the ticket”.  

Facebook held its initial public offering on May 18, 2012.  While there is so much debate regarding the success of Facebook’s IPO, the company itself should be more concerned with the new demands of managing their reputation as a public company. Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, was wearing jeans and hoodie when he showed up to speak to some of the country’s most influential and buttoned-down investors. Also, many investors in New York complained about the long waits and limited facetime with Facebook’s executives. He even skipped out on the company’s first major meeting with analyst and bakers to discuss its IPO issue.


Zuckerberg’s personal brand has long been regarded as Iconoclasm, a quirky counter-culture of free-thinking. It seems that he want to convey the key message that: Facebook wants to be all about being real, hip, young and cool, and Suits just aren’t. However, Zuckerberg was there to sell Facebook as a company, and the first rule of sales is that you don’t give your prospective customers any reason to be uncomfortable before you start selling them. He dismisses the significance of ethos and pathos, and stay stuck in Logos, to their stockholder’s ultimate disappointment. Mark should have tried to see himself through his audience’s eyes in order to adapt his engagement to secure the desired outcome. After all, Investors need a serious businessman worthy of leading a multi-billion dollar company in order to put their money there without fear and worries.  


(cont.) To Move People, Meet them where They are


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Yesterday, I introduced you guys one principle of strategic communication: To move people, meet them where they are. Today, fresh fighter wanna share you a recent example of how a company succeeded in meeting this principle:

China’s singles’ Day—also referred to as Double 11 because of the four single “people” represented by the four “1111”on Nov 11- has proved a huge commercial success. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, the World’s largest e-commerce platform, has reported sales of almost 35 billion yuan ($5.7 billion) over the 24-hour period for Nov 11.  Its huge success result of meeting the principle:” To move people, meet them where they are.Chinese younger generations—those born after 1980 and especially those born after 1990 are clearly different in their consumption habits. They value consumption as a hedonistic experience, are far more likely to indulge in impulse buying and are extremely technologically savvy. Nov 11 is now promoted as a day of “indulgence” and even “romantic gift giving” by Alibaba, which fits very comfortably with the younger generations of Chinese consumers, many of whom are growing in economic prosperity too.


Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba, says the purpose of the promotion was to help businesses build bridges with people and provide a way to give back to the nation’s online shoppers through cheaper products. “we will continue to do 11.11, but not for the sake of big number-whether it is 50 billion yuan or 100 billion yuan. We hope to turn Nov 11 into a day when merchants can thank consumers.” In other words, he tried to convey the key message to audience that: What we hope for is consumer’s satisfaction rather than blindly pursuing a numerical goal.  Image

To Move People, Meet Them Where They Are


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In my strategic communication class, Professor Garcia introduced us one principle: “To move people, meet them where they are.” This principle inspired us to rethink three factor of strategic communication: what, why, and how.

  1. What: This principle tells us the key of strategic communication isn’t about telling our story. That’s undisciplined, self-indulgent, and often illusory. The power of communication is getting audiences to listen, and to care.图像
  2. Why: Audiences don’t see the world in the same way as organizations do.  Understanding our audience means more than just understanding their demographics or their immediate concerns. It requires understanding the frames that matter to them. And speaking in ways that make an emotional connection with them图像
  3. How: This principle requires us to frame all interaction in ways that resonate with an audience. It requires logos—facts, reasoning, argument, and date. But it also requires Ethos—some element of personal character or experience that connects the speaker to the audience. And most importantly it requires Pathos—initially as passion on the part of the speaker, but fundamentally the triggering of an emotional reaction with. That requires knowing what the audience feels, thinks, is capable of, and cares about. And it requires caring about those things too.   图像Do you have some examples of how a company or leader who succeeded in meeting this principle? Share with me!                                                                  

Luxury Brands V.S. Social Media: Friend or Adversary?


Luxury brands and social media have long had a love-hate relationship. Luxury brand are perceived in part by their inaccessibility and exclusiveness while social media is defined by its inclusiveness to join the masses on the internet. Some studies pointed out that social media may poison luxury brand to maintain their allure. Personally, there is sweet spot for luxury brands in digital marketing to maintain customer loyalty, drive sales and stand out.  


“Catch” Your Biggest Fan

According to one survey conducted by SEL Wealth Network, 70% of wealthy individuals with more than $5 million in invested assets showed their liking and usage of Facebook or other social media platforms. Besides the hardcore fans—they buy your products frequently; social media provides unique opportunity to “catch” the aspirational customer who is earnestly long for buying your product on day. How to make sure they continue to dream of buying your product is your job, social media specialist! 


Tell the Story

Using content strategy to create an emotional attachment that goes beyond just product or services is critical. Sometimes introducing brand history or new lifestyle is advisable.For instance, Tiffany gives consumer’s insight into the overall picture of the brand by telling the designer’s story, brand history, timeline and image through diversity social media platform.


Create exclusive experience

Social media provides opportunities to develop exclusive private networks or special content that is only for customers or VIPs. This may make them feel engaged with the brand in a way that isn’t open to the general public, such as digital gifts, apps and forums, such as those used by Godiva, Hermes and Tiffany. Also, Coach generated interactive ideas that asked their consumers to design a limited edition tote. So let fans make your brand part of their digital identity!


looking forward to your fresh insights!






Crisis or Opportunity? You Decide It

Crisis management in Public Relation can be regarded as an art. Choosing when to fight back actively and when to keep silence requires professional skill. Talent master-hand is able to save the day, even can transform the crisis into opportunity. Today Fresh Fighter wants to share two successful and also interesting cases in Fashion Public relations with you guys .


DKNY recently encountered a social media crisis that a photographer accused DKNY of using copyrighted photos in Bangkok storefront without permission. Large amounts of tweets reflected negatively against the DKNY brand.


This situation could have gone viral. However, DKNY PR GIRL and her team reacted swiftly, directly, responsibly and honestly by way of an apology. They had a response posted to both Facebook accounts and Tumblr within hours. It also promised to make a donation of $25,000 to the YMCA as a show of good faith. Their strategic and prompt response successfully defused the situation before potential crisis erupted.


Do you often overlook the opportunity part of the crisis? Kidult, who is notorious for hitting fashion labels, tagged the word “ART” on the Marc Jacobs’s storefront in SOHO. However, Marc Jacobs responded to the graffiti artist’s attack with humor, printing the tag on a run of T-shirts and sold them for $686 and tweeting to his followers:” art by art Jacobs”. It seems that the “don’t get mad, get even” strategy helps Marc Jacobs turned vandalism into a tidy profit. Smart!


However, in some circumstance, no matter how much magical power the Public relation team has, it still seems powerless, especially when related to ethical issue. No one could ever expected that John Galliano, once was famous Christian Dior designer, could have said:“ I love Hitler, your mother, your forefathers would be f—ing gassed and f—ing dead“ to two Jewish Italian women in Paris coffee bar. The designer denied everything until the spreading of a video show shows real facts and evidence of his anti-Semitic comments. Dior decided to fire him and his reputation fell to the bottom from the top.


My readers, do you know other interesting crisis management cases that related to Fashion PR? Share with me!


Fresh Fighter— PR Fashion GIRL



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You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something—-your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

    —Steve Jobs

To break into Fashion PR, working for fashion week can give us the scoop on what truly goes on behind the “glamorous curtain”. Last week was definitely a busy one for New York PR girls—New York Fashion Week. I’m a lucky girl who got the “ticket” for this feast by working for free. Here are a few things I’ve come across in #NYFW volunteer experience.


How can we score fashion week volunteer or internship?

It was a huge stroke of luck that my best friend helped me land an interview in the Fashion PR agency: Fashion Galaxy Alliance. However, apart from employee referral, here are alternative ways to get involved in the world. Since this is the busiest time of year for fashion PR agencies, a number of fashion PR firms are short of hands right around fashion week. Don’t wait to see a position being advertised. It’s our golden moment to constantly send resumes and cover letter two or three weeks before fashion week to different PR firms, inquiring about whether they need assistants and volunteers or not. Besides, volunteer directly with a designer is also a sound choice. They are usually independent or small team and will be more than grateful to accept a volunteer to assist with show details. The following two links are my daily must-see job board to seek out fashion PR internships.


Fashion Jobs Today


Our responsibilities would be…

Many volunteers and interns dream of bumping into and networking with top designer and media through this opportunity. In fact, it’s not one big party. Typical daily work in the preparation stage includes responding to media request, making name cards, straightening chairs, assembling gift bags, working the information desk, delivering designer clothing to studios, taking inventory and dressing mannequins. During the day of show time, the venue was packed with models, photographers, fashion buyer, journalists and well-known blogger. I’m in charge of making sure that all the journalists who had requested an interview got to speak to designer and that all the VIPs and key press were taken to their seat. In other words, we run errands to make everyone satisfied, then the music started and the glamorous show begin…

Image      Image

Although our job may not as glamorous as you supposed, it’s an incredible opportunity to get a foot in the door to experience certain milestones of the fashion industry. Aliza Licht, who has over 350,000 followers on her Twitter “DNKY PR girl”, once said: “I used to pick dust bunnies out of shoes in the accessories closet at Harper’s Bazaar and I do appreciated every minute of it!” Girls, persistence and passion does pay off, so settle in and let’s begin!